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rustic chocolate fountain

Sweet Treats

Contact us now for our sweet treat packages! 

Get a discount for taking multiple treats!

We are fully registered to produce, serve and handle food.

 We hold up to date food handling certificates 

and a 5* Hygiene rating!

A 5* food rated service you can trust!

See some of our prices below. For an accurate quote please contact us.

See the prices in the gallery below!

Floral Candy Cart with sweets & decor 

Rustic Candy Cart with sweets & decor 

Sweet/Cookie Favours 

Rustic/White Doughnut Wall 

Rustic Double Chocolate Fountain 

Vintage/Rustic Glass Sweet Buffet 

Sweets/ Cupcake Ferris Wheel 

Cookie Wall

Sweet Wall

Dessert Tables & More


Please contact us for dessert tables displays and cake table setups!

rustic doughnut wall