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Top Ten Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding by 4YaParty

The wedding industry produces so much waste and people are becoming more conscious of the impact their big day has on the environment. 4YaParty try to make weddings and events as eco-friendly as possible so here are my top ten tips on how you can make your wedding more eco-friendly! 

1. Destination weddings are for elopements: 

Inviting loads of people abroad is a carbon emission nightmare! Unless you’re eloping and also spending your honeymoon abroad then it really is one of the most UN-eco-friendly wedding choices you could make! 70+ people travelling to the airport, getting on a plane, transfers there, transfers back, plane journey back and transfers home! Try to keep your wedding local!

2. Hire instead of buying:

Crockery, decor, glassware, props and other decorations will not only be eco-friendly but will also be cost effective. It’s even better if you can find a hire company with an ethical green policy. (Wink wink! (That’s me if you didn’t get that!)

3. Around the corner:

Find local suppliers and a local venue, reducing the carbon footprint in travel all round for everyone!

4. Reuse and buy Preloved:

Second hand clothing for the whole wedding party will save on items being unnecessarily produced and all the issues that come with it. Be a bit lenient with your wedding apparel to make it easier for your wedding party to find items preloved or even already in their wardrobe!

5. Let’s all go together!

One large vehicle is going to be much better on the environment than 70+ vehicles. Why not hire a coach (an eco friendly coach!) or get on public transport.

6. Stationary:

Decide what is necessary and what can you pass up? Do you need save the dates? Does your invite need 5 pages? Could you go digital or use a different medium such as seed paper or recycled paper? How about a pallet or chalkboard for a menu or table plan on the day? I love the idea of writing place cards on leaves rather than printing. 

7. Florals:

For your flowers make sure they are local and in season as this will have a minimal carbon footprint. Artificial isn’t for everyone but my florals are artificial and reused regularly. This is a very sustainable way of having floral decor at your venue.

8. Recycling:

Does your venue have recycling? If not then setup some recycling bins to try and reduce the amount that ends up in landfill.

9. Favours:

I always advise my couples if they want to do anything DIY for their wedding this is the one to do! Think of something that will be lovingly reused to avoid it ending up in landfill. Also avoid any single use plastic.

10. Food Glorious Food!

Try and find a caterer that has an ethical stance on sourcing food. From farm to table has a minimal carbon footprint without the need for packaging and travelling. If you can, eliminate meat all together for a real eco-friendly feast! To avoid food waste why not let guests take food home in paper containers!

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly venue stylist and wedding planner, then get in contact with 4YaParty Weddings & Events for a Free consultation, covering parts of London, Kent and Surrey.